Boon Wai Hoong

Android Engineer @ TikTok

Talk Title

Demystifying Baseline Profile


Robertson 2




15:55 > 40 min


on Twitter

Droidcon SF - Demystifying Baseline Profile

Baseline Profile should be a straightforward “add it and forget it” feature on Android. But is it?

In this session, we will attempt to provide context and demystify the journey of adding Baseline Profile into your app.

We will cover the major dependencies of Baseline Profile:
- ProfileInstaller, what it does and why do we need to add it?
- Macrobenchmark, what does it do under the hood to test Baseline Profile?

We will also cover the journey of validating an app with Baseline Profile
- Installing an apk for testing on a test device, what to expect and lookout for?
- What to expect for various distribution methods? (Google Play, other app stores etc)

Through this session, I hope the audience is able to take away some learnings and become more confident with implementing Baseline Profiles.

Speaker Bio

Boon is a software engineer who have started out making games and then android apps!

He is now working as a Tech Lead at TikTok’s android platform team, focusing on Jetpack Compose & TikTok’s design system.