Brian Gardner

Android Developer at Cash App

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Find your way with GoogleMap() {}


Fisher West




15:55 > 40 min


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Maps are a crucial piece of many mobile apps today and there is no shortage of mapping libraries one can use. If you prefer to stick with platform components, you could use the OG MapView, but its integration can be painful due to asynchronous map loading. More recently, there is a GoogleMap Composable that streamlines much of this setup.

This talk will cover my experience using this map Composable to implement a new feature in Cash App, including:

- Configuring the map UI and how the user can interact with the map
- Displaying map markers and clusters
- Pain points encountered along the way including performance issues and cluster nuances
- Some open issues facing the library

Speaker Bio

Brian Gardner is an Android developer at Cash App. He is passionate about building apps, playing with new technologies and libraries, and teaching others. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, exercising, and cooking barbecue and cake.