Carlos Mota

Lead Software Engineer at Avancee Software

Talk Title

Going on a road trip with Android Auto


Robertson 2




12:20 > 20 min


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Android is truly everywhere. It's running on the phone, watch, TV, car, and there are even some fridges and toasters that want to be part of the family. While they're still under development, Android Auto is starting to gain a lot of adoption.

In this talk, we're going to travel around the road of Android Auto, see its use cases and go through its functionalities, so you can later implement them on your app. All of this without moving your desk to be inside a car.

Jump in, it's going to be an amazing journey.

Speaker Bio

Carlos Mota is an Android GDE. He can easily be spotted either working on Android applications written in Kotlin or developing them along with Kotlin Multiplatform. An enthusiastic about new technology and always trying to reach those last 20% of all of his side projects that seem to be really far away. He loves to share his knowledge with others either by giving talks, teaching, writing, or along with a cold beer in the nearest pub. GDG Coimbra organizer and Kotlin evangelist, he also has a huge passion for travel, photography, space, and the occasional run.