Daniel Horowitz

Android @ Spotify

Talk Title

Fantastic tests and where to find them


Fisher East




13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

The more code we write the more we raise the risk of having issues on our apps. Our job as engineers is to mitigate those risks and how can we do that? With tests.

We all agree that tests are vital to build a successful app but how can we know that we are testing the right things? How do we measure the quality of our tests?

In this session we will go through these questions in a pragmatic approach, diving into every type of test in every aspect of the development phase. From communicating with backend to UI components, we will go through strategies and approaches on how to properly test each piece of code.

Speaker Bio

Daniel is a software engineer passionate about mobile tech and AI.

He is currently at Spotify and was previously an Android Tech Lead at N26 on the platform team.