Gastón Kosut

CTO and Co-founder at Hattrick IT

Talk Title

Innovating with Health Connect: a deep dive into its key benefits


Fisher East




14:25 > 20 min


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In this session, we will discuss the key benefits of Health Connect, including reduced API complexity, standardized data schema, and centralized privacy controls. We will also dive into the first steps that developers can take to integrate Health Connect and begin to realize its benefits. By the end of this session, attendees will have a solid understanding of Health Connect and how it can help them streamline their work in the innovative area of healthcare development.

Speaker Bio

As a CTO with extensive knowledge of software development for medical devices and digital therapeutics, I am passionate about using technology to drive innovation and solve complex business problems. At Hattrick IT, I lead the development and implementation of web and mobile technology strategies for the healthcare industry, working collaboratively with teams to deliver high-quality products.