Lena Stepanova

Mobile Developer

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KMM workshop: sharing everything but UI







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This workshop is a complete walk-through on how to create a KMM project. It will be most interesting for those who haven't tried it yet, or haven't’ worked with Ktor or Koin. Or maybe you have tried KMM and only shared networking or database, but not the ViewModel layer. If you’re an iOS developer, it’ll probably be more challenging, especially if you have had little exposure to Kotlin so far. But cheer up, it’s not that scary or difficult. In any case, I hope everyone will learn something new from this workshop and at the same time have fun.

Here’s a list of topics that we’ll cover in this workshop:
KMM Plugin
Ktor for sharing networking client
Koin as universal glue
Clean architecture
Kotlin Flow
Jetpack Compose

The final result will be a basic list of pizza names. But KMM is not about pretty UIs, it’s about shared logics. And that’s what we’re going to do here. We’re going to learn how everything is build up in the shared code so that we can reuse it on both platforms.

Speaker Bio

After working as Business Analyst and dipping her toes in programming, Lena realised it’s much more fun than creating Excel sheets. She moved to Germany and received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at TU Dresden, where she got interested in app development. She’s been creating Android apps for 3 years (mostly Native, some Flutter). Currently inspired by Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

When she’s not programming, Lena loves going on adventures, hiking around Europe, surfing, skiing, freediving and regaining strength afterwards with the best local cuisine she can find.