Neal Michie

PACE Anti-Piracy, Director of Product Management

Talk Title

Securing Sensitive Data: Android Keystore vs Whitebox Cryptography


Fisher West




14:25 > 20 min


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The need for security in mobile apps has never been greater. Most developers are aware of the need to encrypt sensitive data at rest and in transit; but how do you protect the cryptographic keys that unlock the data? This presentation will examine the solutions available - from hardware-backed options like the Android Keystore to pure software ones like Whitebox Cryptography. It will look at the pros and cons of the different solutions and highlight the use cases each is best suited to with real world examples.

Speaker Bio

Neal Michie is Director of Product Management at PACE Anti-Piracy. He believes security should be a top concern for all applications, advocating that it is not just a defensive measure but key to building long term engagement and growth. Neal brings more than two decades of mobile development experience of which more than half has been dedicated to building highly secure mobile solutions, including the first to be fully certified by both Mastercard and Visa.