Nehal Kumar

Senior Software Engineer at Uber

Talk Title

Accelerating Mobile Development with Server Driven Technologies


Fisher West




10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Mobile release cycles can be slow, leading to delays in feature launches and user feedback. This can be especially problematic for features that require multiple iterations to tweak UI, logic, and other elements. To address this issue, Uber developed a highly opinionated, type-safe, and interoperable Server-Driven Technology framework that allows teams to adopt it easily without rebuilding every aspect of their feature.

In this talk, we will discuss the importance of the right guardrails, ensuring the right versioning, the dangers of the framework getting misused, and the need for robust testing mechanisms. We will also explore how we support multiple use cases for different features and teams in a generic way across multiple apps at Uber.

Attendees will leave with a deep understanding & practical knowledge of building a robust Server-Driven framework and accelerating mobile development. By sharing our experiences at Uber, we hope to inspire other organizations to embrace Server-Driven Technologies and accelerate their mobile development cycles.

Speaker Bio

Senior Android developer at Uber, working in Rider Foundations team