Nick DiPatri

Comcast Principal Engineer

Talk Title

Practical Compose Navigation with a Red Siren


Fisher West




15:35 > 40 min


on Twitter

Stay alert to the pitfalls of Jetpack Compose Navigation! Together we’ll do live coding to take control of a red siren with an Android phone. Learn about the new nav components, explicit nav, backstack nav vs. popping, and how we manage state throughout. Finally we’ll discuss how you can use Compose Navigation in the same app with legacy navigation. Avoid navigation emergencies with this powerful new tool - help is on the way.

Speaker Bio

Nick DiPatri has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers and has spent the last 20 years building hardware and software systems for Philadelphia companies. He is currently a Principal Engineer at Comcast. Nick is a ‘maker’ at heart and loves to build gadgets using epoxy, 3D printing, microprocessors, and blinky lights.