Odin Asbjornsen

Android Software Engineer, DNB Bank

Talk Title

Building a component library in Compose for a large-scale banking application


Robertson 1




13:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Last year, we started migrating to Jetpack Compose at DNB Bank for all our Banking applications. We saw that our applications had a lot of components that could be abstracted away as simple APIs in Compose, which made it easier to keep our design consistent across our domain.

In this talk, I will talk about how we started this initiative and how we set up the architecture for our design system. Then, I will explain a robust approach when creating components as atoms & molecules and how this helps us to collaborate with the designers in our teams. Moreover, I will be going through how we ensured banking-level quality for our compose components and which technologies we use today to make it easier for our developers to work with these libraries. Then, I will touch upon the release and dependency management of these libraries, and how we introduced this to our developers. In the end, I will be discussing the challenges and learnings for creating a component library with Compose.

Join me in this session, where we will explore the beauties of library development with Jetpack Compose!

Speaker Bio

Odin started working on Android as a hobby when he was is high school, and got his first job as a Software Engineer after University. At the moment he enjoys working at DNB Bank as an Android Software Engineer where he works on the most popular finance app in Norway. If he has time, he likes to contribute to open-source projects in relation to Jetpack Compose.