Sagar Das

Staff Android Engineer at Vivint Smart Home

Talk Title

Identify Android App Startup time issues


Robertson 2




14:35 > 40 min


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Reducing App startup time is crucial for improving user experience and retaining your user base in the long run.
It is important for an Android developer to understand what are the common issues for slower app startup time and how to discover those using the built int tools provided by Android Studio.

This talk will cover:
1. CPU flame charts.
2. CPU profiler and Memory profiler in Android Studio.
3. How to read a CPU flame chart for an Android app and discover issues with app startup time.
4. All the slides content will be explained using Kotlin code in Android Studio.

Attendees will learn:
1. What is the mental model for measuring performance of an Android app.
2. How to profile an Android app.
3. How to identify and reduce app startup time in order to improve the user experience.

Speaker Bio

Sagar is a Staff Android Engineer who has been building apps for 9 years now. He is also a co-organizer for Google Developer Groups at Boston and enjoys working for the community.