Steven Schoen

Android UI Platform @ Reddit

Talk Title

Tactics for Moving the Needle on Broad Modernization Efforts-Case Study: Android Platform @ Reddit


Robertson 2




15:35 > 40 min


on Twitter

Successful platform teams drive major changes within their organizations but they cannot do the work alone. Explore some of the modernization efforts the Reddit platform team has driven across a large, diverse codebase, from monolith breakups to Compose adoption at scale. What worked, what challenges were faced, and learn how you can help your organization evolve successfully over time using similar tactics, no matter its scale.

Key Points:
* Cover modernization efforts applicable to companies of any size
* Examine different approaches to large and small scale conversion efforts
* Learn about some platform migration anti-patterns to avoid

[Platform work has been highlighted publicly on the Reddit Engineering Blog - ]

Speaker Bio

I’m a software developer with a primary focus on (and extensive experience with) the Android platform. I’m passionate about UX, usability, and design.