Tatiana Solonets

Staff Software Engineer at Life360

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Building Multiprocess Android Applications


Robertson 2




14:55 > 40 min


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Today we put more and more functionality into the client. Each Android app has a memory budget for its execution that cannot be exceeded. That limit is enforced in a per-process basis. A separate process can take advantage of its own RAM budget, allowing the main process to have more space for its resources.

Key takeaways and learning points:
- Pros and Cons of having more than one process
- How to create a multiprocess Android applications
- Understanding of the Process lifecycle
- Ways to implement IPC
- How Life360 transformed internal event streaming system to deliver events in multiprocess environment

Speaker Bio

Tatiana is currently working as a Staff Software Engineer at Life360 in the Location Engineering team.

Tatiana moved to the United States as a student. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics from a university in her home country. Seven years ago she decided to pursue her Master’s degree in Software Engineering in San Jose and she never looked back.