Adam Greenberg

Senior Android IC

Talk Title

400 Fragments in 40 Days







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My presentation will focus on one of my most recent Android projects for Pinterest, which was finished in 40 days after being planned for a four-month delivery time.

We were tasked with redesigning our Fragments to reduce risk and enable common Jetpack design components. Unfortunately, the task was not scriptable or mechanized. The tl;dr is that they had to migrate 400 fragments from a bespoke lifespan to a new pattern. This was expected to take four months, but it was completed in forty days.

The talk will go over how we sequenced it, how we put it together, how we set up support from it, how to turn it into code changes (diffs), pre-work done, what we did to get this project that had been planned for four months to be completed in 40 days, lessons learned, if we wanted to replicate it, and our three biggest takeaways.

Speaker Bio

15 years of professional software development, with 10+ focused on mobile. Currently at Pinterest.