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Kevin Horvath

Director of DevOps Product Marketing, Tricentis

>>Why testing is also a developer's problem

Bhargav Maniyar

Software Engineer - Uber

>>RIB my ride, or how we brought the Uber Driver App to Android Auto

Ben Schwab

Staff Software Engineer at Airbnb

>>Mobile Developer Productivity Panel

Ben Chatelain

Senior Engineer, Android SDKs @ Ditto

>>How to Quickly Build KMP Offline-First Applications That Supports Both Cloud and Local Peer-to-Peer

Ben Boral

Senior Solutions Engineer, Bitrise.io

>>20 Nuggets in 20 Minutes - Get more from your CI

Beatriz Viñal Murciano

Senior software engineer at SwiftKey (Microsoft)

>>Distributing big AI models in mobile apps

Aurimas Liutikas

Software Engineer at Google / Gradle Fellow

>>Ultimate Iteration Speeds with Gradle Configuration Cache

Ashok Varma

Staff Software Engineer @Uber

>>Safe Network API Migration Tactics

Ash Nohe

Developer Relations Engineer

>>Building for the Future of Android

Ameya Ketkar

Software Engineer

>>How we automated code maintenance and you can too!

Alex Vanyo

Android Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

>>Adaptive Layouts in Compose

Akshay Chordiya

Android Developer @ Tinder | Public Speaker | Kotlin Lover | Co-Author of Kotlin Blueprints

>>Boosting Compose UI from Sluggish to Snappy

Adam McNeilly

Android GDE

>>MVWTF: Demystifying Architecture Patterns

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