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For 14 years, developers from around the world have gathered at droidcon events to listen to keynote speakers, attend workshops, grow their skills and connect with other passionate Android developers.

droidcon San Francisco 2024 takes place June 6th – 7th.

Call for Papers
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We are seeking the smartest minds in Android Development and want to see your talk proposals. Talks will be selected by the program committee on the basis of making the conference a varied, diverse, and valuable event.
​Please submit sessions with a descriptive title and ensure that your abstract accurately describes your topic as well as key learnings, takeaways, and real-world examples.


Putting on a droidcon takes the entire community. In exchange for
your ~ 8 hours of volunteering, you’ll get a free ticket for the whole
conference including a droidcon San Francisco 2024 T-Shirt and our eternal
gratitude! For questions, please contact us via volunteer@droidcon.com.
Shifts and detailed info will be confirmed closer to the conference.
Please fill out the following form so we can process your application.

Volunteer submissions are welcome starting 3 months prior to the event.

DROIDCON San Francisco 2023

Thank you all for being at #DCSF23. We had a blast and are hoping so did you! A huge thank you from us at droidcon to every attendee, speaker, sponsor and volunteer. You all made this another unforgettable event and it was so great to see everyone in person again.

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Carlos Mota

Lead Software Engineer at Avancee Software

>>Going on a road trip with Android Auto

Brian Gardner

Android Developer at Cash App

>>Find your way with GoogleMap() {}

Boon Wai Hoong

Android Engineer @ TikTok

>>Demystifying Baseline Profile

Ben Boral

Senior Solutions Engineer, Bitrise.io

>>The Network Latency Tax (on your build cache)

Aurimas Liutikas

Software Engineer at Google / Gradle Fellow

>>Gradle under a microscope: profiling and optimizing builds

Ash Davies

Senior Android Developer @ Snapp Mobile GmbH

>>Beyond the Mockery: Why We Should Embrace Testing Without Mocking Frameworks

Arun Babu A S P

Senior Staff Engineer at Uber

>>Mobile Feature Flags and Experiments at Uber

Andy Boedo

Senior Engineering Manager, CoreSDK team @RevenueCat

>>The joys and challenges of building a paywall with BillingClient 5

Alex Vanyo

Android Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

>>Deep Dive Into Size Configuration Changes

Alejandro Sanchez

Android @ Uber

>>Panel Discussion: Adopting Jetpack Compose @ Scale

Akshay Chordiya

Android Developer @ Tinder | Public Speaker | Kotlin Lover | Co-Author of Kotlin Blueprints

>>Go with the Flow

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