Aurimas Liutikas

Software Engineer at Google / Gradle Fellow

Talk Title

Gradle under a microscope: profiling and optimizing builds


Fisher West




11:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

A peek behind the curtains on what Gradle spends time on during builds. We'll walk through some techniques of using a JVM profiler to optimize your build logic. I'll share areas that often have the best return on investment and how to make sure you don't regress as your build logic evolves.

Speaker Bio

Aurimas is a software engineer at Google working on AndroidX libraries. The need to write efficient code has been instilled in him through his work on Chrome for Android, and later Android OS itself. This drive continued when taking on the build and test infrastructure for AndroidX – one of the largest set of open source libraries built using Gradle. Aurimas enjoys doing talks, blog posts, and generally pushing the Gradle ecosystem forward.