Ben Boral

Senior Solutions Engineer,

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The Network Latency Tax (on your build cache)


Robertson 2




12:10 > 20 min


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Claim an exemption from slow Android builds. In this talk you’ll learn how to get the fastest possible Gradle performance by avoiding the network latency tax.

If your build times have crept up enough, modularizing your Gradle project and setting up a remote build cache can lead to 90% reduction in execution time. However, in reality, cache performance is heavily influenced by network latency. High latency is often a consequence of data traveling long distances. For a geographically distributed team, cache performance will vary significantly. Some developers will even see build time regressions.

Join this talk to learn about the Build Cache CDN, a pragmatic strategy for mitigating the network latency tax on the cache and achieving the fastest build performance.

Speaker Bio

Ben is an expert in the application of automation strategies across all stages of the DevOps lifecycle in mobile apps. Originally inspired by the techniques described in Jez Humble’s book, “Continuous Delivery,” Ben has since helped dozens of mobile engineering organizations achieve automation nirvana. He is currently a senior solutions engineer at