Ben Boral

Senior Solutions Engineer,

Talk Title

20 Nuggets in 20 Minutes – Get more from your CI


Robertson 2-3




12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

This Lightning Talk will be a whirlwind of 20 tactics in 20 minutes for building faster, automating more checks, and extracting more info out of your CI.

For most of us, CI is a set-it-and-forget-it tool. It should churn through builds and tests without giving us any trouble. If this describes your experience: congratulations! You have a stable continuous integration practice.

Let's level up that CI pipeline. We'll review a bunch of cool tools and creative setups that you can adopt in your own CI. These run the gamut from reducing wall-clock time, to lesser used static analysis, and handy optimizations.

Come learn a thing or twenty about improving your team's developer experience, shipping faster, and identifying regressions early.

Speaker Bio

Ben is an expert in the application of automation strategies across all stages of the DevOps lifecycle in mobile apps. Originally inspired by the techniques described in Jez Humble’s book, “Continuous Delivery,” Ben has since helped dozens of mobile engineering organizations achieve automation nirvana. He is currently a senior solutions engineer at