Bhargav Maniyar

Software Engineer - Uber

Talk Title

RIB my ride, or how we brought the Uber Driver App to Android Auto


Fisher East




14:40 > 20 min


on Twitter

We unlocked Android Auto support for the Uber Driver app. Drivers can finally say goodbye to their phone mount and move to integrated vehicle experiences they've become accustomed to.
It was crucial to create a pathway to inject a new interactive surface alongside mobile, maintaining consistency and assuring no degradation / functional changes on the primary surface. By leveraging our existing RIB architecture, Uber teams were able to build together and unlock a new engagement channel.

In this talk, we will walk through:
What experience is suitable or should be prioritized for Android Auto.
Why we refrained from re-inventing the wheel and leveraged our existing architecture.
How a solid foundation can scale & provide a boost for supporting new use-cases.
How we achieved consistency with minimal to no redundant work across 2 surfaces.

Attendees will be inspired to build robust architectures within their existing tech stack and even extend their app to Android Auto. We’ll walk through how principled design and architecture can make a significant difference when it comes to expanding to new platforms.

Speaker Bio

Software engineer – one of the behind the wheel of the Driver app, building android app features.