Bolot Kerimbaev

Engineer at Caffeine

Talk Title

Sharing Compose Components in Mobile and TV apps


Robertson 1




11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Compose for TV makes it possible to bridge the gap between mobile and TV app development. Distinct design principles of the underlying platforms require some adjustments and customizations to best take advantage of the respective form factors.

Leveraging existing mobile UI components made it easy to create the first version of the Android TV app. As both the mobile and TV apps evolved, so did our approach to maintaining the components. This talk covers our journey from the initial launch of the TV apps, to the ongoing updates to the components in discovery surfaces, as well as the core video player.

Speaker Bio

Bolot is an engineer at Caffeine and a Taido Karate sensei. He has taught hundreds of professional and up-and-coming developers how to build their first native iOS and Android applications. He also built apps and systems for Fortune 500 companies.