Dan Peluso

Android Engineer @ Peloton and GDG Organizer

Talk Title

Module Mayhem: Tales From Shared Business Logic


Robertson 2-3




15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Do you work in a multi-module repository with more than one platform implementation? Have you ever developed a piece of business logic that was meant to work for multiple clients in your project? There are dozens of pitfalls that can make sharing code inaccessible for developers, and might defer teams from even attempting to unify logic. This presentation will cover the importance of DRY in an enterprise setting, common mistakes to avoid when engineering across teams, and how to maintain code collaboratively to ensure a long lifespan. From the ideation stage to bug fixing, I'll share some of the horror stories I've encountered while on the job.

Speaker Bio

Dan Peluso has been a mobile engineer since he’s been coding, and is currently working for Peloton doing Android work. On the side, he is a local musician and active member of the Google Development community, and enjoys making Flutter web apps both personally and professionally.