David Herman

Ex-Googler, author of Kobweb

Talk Title

Kobweb: Creating websites in Kotlin leveraging Compose HTML


Fisher East




13:45 > 40 min


on Twitter

Kobweb is a Kotlin web framework that aims to make web development enjoyable by building on top of Compose HTML and drawing inspiration from Jetpack Compose. Several users with Android experience have told me that Kobweb eased them into learning HTML and CSS concepts and were surprised to find out they didn't hate it!

This talk is targeted at beginners and will cover a wide range of foundational concepts in the Kobweb framework.

Building your own website can be incredibly empowering and can make for a fun side project to work on while Android Studio is compiling. Consider checking this session out if you are curious to see what Compose APIs look like in a different domain.

Speaker Bio

I am a programmer with 20 years of experience — with the first half in the game industry and the second half at Google. I am currently taking a break from corporate life to work on Kobweb.