Idan Nakav


Talk Title

Supercharge Android Studio: Developing Your First Plugin


Fisher West/DPE Track




14:40 > 20 min


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Based on the IntelliJ Platform, Android Studio enables developers to extend their IDE with custom plugins. Developing a plugin allows us to augment existing functionality, collect metrics, and add custom features to Android Studio/IntelliJ. This approach provides a practical path for creating development tools to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

We'll dive into the key parts of the plugin SDK, covering services, extensions, and listeners, understand the basics of the Program Structure Interface (PSI), and learn how to create user interfaces using Kotlin UI DSL. We'll also share practical examples from our work at Uber, showing how we use these elements to enhance our development process.

Attendees will leave this session with a practical understanding of the IntelliJ Plugin SDK, equipped with the basic knowledge needed to start writing a plugin for Android Studio or other IntelliJ products.

Speaker Bio

Idan brings over a decade of Android development experience to his role at Uber’s Android Platform team. His current focus is improving the developer and IDE experience.