Kailiang Chen

Software Engineer, Google

Talk Title

Creating delightful camera experiences with latest features in Android through Camera2 and CameraX


Robertson 1




15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Unlock the full potential of your Android app's camera capabilities! This session offers a comprehensive exploration of the latest Camera2 and CameraX APIs, Camera Extensions, and techniques for creating exceptional user experiences.

We'll cover:
Practical ways to leverage the latest Camera2 and CameraX features,
- Using Stream use cases to optimize for your specific needs
- Concurrent Camera Streaming: Understand how to utilize
multiple camera streams simultaneously for innovative use
- Preview Stabilization: How your improve your video quality
with stabilization and ensuring ‘What you see is what you get’
- HDR video and Ultra HDR image capture
- Camera Extensions: use Camera Extensions to empower your app to deliver stunning low-light photos with Night Mode, professional-looking portraits with Bokeh Mode, and other cutting-edge features previously limited to native camera apps.

Speaker Bio

I am working in the Android camera team and focusing on building the camera jetpack library for faster, simplified development and better consistency across devices.