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Meet Store5 – A Kotlin Multiplatform Library For Building Network-Resilient Applications


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10:00 > 40 min


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Three years ago Store4, the little library that could, was released at KotlinConf'19. Store has been simplifying data loading on Android for close to a decade and was supercharged by being 100% Kotlin. Today we're here to talk about the next paradigm shift in data loading Store5 - a Kotlin Multiplatform solution for reading, writing and resolving data conflicts on any platform that Kotlin supports (Android, iOS, Web and Desktop). The Android community has embraced Store for close to a decade, Kotlin is making it possible to adopt the same patterns on other mobile platforms and beyond.

With the addition of support for updating remote sources, network resilience, pain free conflict resolution, and a highly extensible api - Store5 aims to make reading and writing data effortless on all Kotlin platforms. This talk will focus on Store5 foundational concepts and usage in production and at scale. We will be covering adopting KMP, applying Google's offline-first guiding principles beyond Android and how we hope to establish a seamless way for all apps, regardless of platform, to work with local and remote data. This talk is not to be missed for folks (like us) who have battle scars from years of working on hard to fix bugs in offline first applications.

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I’m a software engineer on Mobile. Recently I helped ship a 0-1 initiative on iOS and Android and I am helping get another 0-1 initiative off the ground on iOS. I also maintain Component Box and Store and serve on many working groups, including the Dropbox Open Source team. My four-year-old golden retriever Tag and I live in NYC. I spend a ton of time reading and working on side projects. I have consulted to YC-backed startups. I love skiing, cycling, hiking, tennis, and squash.