Michael Krueger

Sr. Director of Application Security

Talk Title

Speed Trap Ahead – Avoiding Costly Security and Privacy Issues in SDK Integration


Fisher West/DPE Track




12:15 > 20 min


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Just as installing an engine into a car demands precision and attention to detail, integrating an SDK into an application requires consideration of security and privacy implications. Developers must ensure that the SDK seamlessly integrates with their codebase, prioritizing security protocols and privacy safeguards. The correct integration of the SDK with existing components is vital to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and uphold user privacy. In this turbocharged talk, we’ll cut straight to the finish line and give you the “so-what” to consider when integrating SDKs.

Speaker Bio

Michael is the leader of the NowSecure expert penetration testing team and an avid mobile app developer. Using his combined 20+ years security engineering and app development expertise, Michael focuses on evaluating mobile, medical, automotive, and cloud systems for use in wireless, cellular, and high-threat environments. Michael is also an avid security and privacy standards advocate and has contributed to efforts by OWASP, NIST, App Defense Alliance MASA, and NIAP.