Michelle Zhang

Software Engineer @ Sentry

Talk Title

Solve your Mobile Bugs with Session Replay


Robertson 2-3




14:40 > 20 min


on Twitter

Sometimes, an error message and a stacktrace alone aren’t enough to solve client-side bugs. Sometimes, you wish you were next to the user, debugging alongside them and seeing exactly what they saw when that error happened. Where in the app was the user at that moment? What series of taps, scrolls, or swipes led to the issue? Session Replay gives you those insights and contextualizes errors, making it faster to debug with confidence.

Just like Session Replay for your web applications, Sentry’s Mobile Replay gives you video-like reproductions of what was happening when an error occurred, traces issues through your entire stack, and even helps you identify the code that might be the culprit.

In this talk, Michelle Zhang (Sentry engineer) shares the unique challenges of creating Replay for mobile developers and how you can leverage this product to identify, reproduce, and fix your bugs faster.

Speaker Bio

Based in San Francisco, Michelle is a software engineer at Sentry, where she works on building out error-monitoring products like Session Replay. She’s fascinated by the convergence of design and innovative computing, and how we can use this harmonization for positive social impact.