Miguel Kano

Android Engineer at Robinhood Markets, Inc

Talk Title

Jetpack Compose Navigation: Beyond The Basics


Robertson 1




12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

One of the challenges facing Android engineers today is that while there is a myriad of information available surrounding the more established navigation with fragments, there are few practical resources on how to adapt to the relatively new Compose navigation.

I’d like to talk about common navigation requirements seen in real products that go beyond the basic tutorial level and discuss how to approach them with the Compose navigation library. The examples illustrated in existing developer documentations and tutorials are elementary.

Some topics I plan to explore are how to implement common requirements, bottom bar, bottom sheet through compose navigation, and the practical application of the controversial nested NavHosts. These are valuable topics to explore since - for instance - the bottom bar example in the developer documentation falls short given it is only applicable to the most basic of functions. Given this, I had to invest a lot of time to fill in the gaps on how to perform more complex functions required to build a functioning bottom bar (e.g. detecting the currently selected tab, determining when to show or hide the bottom bar, changing the transition animation when switching tabs). Therefore, my talk will be useful to anyone who is familiar with the basics of the Jetpack Compose navigation library.

Speaker Bio

I’m an Android engineer working at Robinhood on the Crypto team. Outside of work, I enjoy playing soccer and visiting gourmet donut shops.