Nelson Osacky

Lead Solutions Engineer at Gradle

Talk Title

Artifact Transforms: The Other Folks of Our Android Builds


Fisher West/DPE Track




13:45 > 40 min


on Twitter

Step into the shadows of the Android build process, where the often-overlooked Artifact Transforms play a crucial role in streamlining and refining our development workflow.
Kicking things off with the basics, this session will introduce you to the initial steps of implementing a simple artifact transform. Following that, we'll dive into how these transforms integrate with Gradle's caching mechanism to give your build times a significant boost. You'll gain insights into making your transforms more effective and learn how to leverage them for a more efficient build process.
As we wrap up, we'll delve into several real-life use cases, showcasing how Artifact Transforms can be used to pinpoint and address build bottlenecks

Speaker Bio

Former Square in San Francisco. Former SoundCloud in Berlin. Now speeding up builds around the world at Gradle.