Pat Shueh

VP Product Management, Mobile App Security

Talk Title

DevSecOps: Balancing development and security


Robertson 2-3




11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

When companies want to produce a mobile app quickly and add in a security element, costs can escalate and the timeframe can elongate. But if organisations do not follow at least the minimum-security requirements, they can find themselves in a dire position.

Moving forward, trust and accountability must be built into the product. As part of this, security architecture must move beyond the pen test and instead be baked into the process from the very beginning.

During the session, Pat will take you through the mobile app threat landscape, examples of app attacks are taking place on mobile app and best practices of mobile application security, including: Application hardening (obfuscation and anti-tampering), security testing, cryptographic key protection, runtime threat visibility and protection with live demo and walkthrough.

Speaker Bio

Pat, a passionate technology evangelist and Product Management of Mobile App Security at Zimperium, empowers businesses across the region to fortify their mobile defenses.

Based in Singapore, Pat draws upon his 25+ years of diverse experience in development, operations, and consulting to advise and collaborate with enterprises. He expertly guides them in safeguarding their mobile devices and mission-critical apps against an evolving landscape of sophisticated mobile threats across four key layers: device, network, application, and phishing.

Driven by a profound understanding of the mobile security landscape, Pat champions Zimperium’s cutting-edge solutions, helping organizations across the globe build robust mobile security postures that protect their valuable data, assets, and reputations.