Patxi Bocos

Software Engineer at Lyft

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Type safe experimentation


Fisher East




12:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

Experimentation is widely used across mobile applications. But developers need be aware of properly using experiment and variables names that match the value contained server side.

To get a type safe approach, code generation can be used to prevent any kind of typos. As a real world example, I built this library that translates Optimizely experiments and variables to Kotlin generated code.

Talk attendees will learn how to benefit from additional type safety by using KotlinPoet library and getting type safe experimentation accessors. We’ll also see how a Gradle plugin is built to get a complete integration within an Android app.

I’ve worked on multiple projects/companies that use experimentation. This talk may be inspiring for having a better definition of experiments and variables to prevent discrepancies because of the lack of type safety.

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During my career as a SWE I have been working both as an Android engineer as well as backend and web frontend. This background has equipped me with a unique and valuable skillset that seamlessly integrates across various aspects of software engineering.