Pratul Kalia

Mobile engineer & Founder at Tramline

Talk Title

Reldex: scoring the efficiency of app release cycles


Fisher West/DPE Track




12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

Inspired from Apdex (, we introduce Reldex: a score of the effectiveness of app release cycles. We use it to measure and account for developer frustration and experience. Some key metrics we use for Reldex are: number of stability commits, time taken to stabilise release, release rollout smoothness, number of hotfixes, etc.

The simplicity of Reldex ensures that one does not require any special tools for calculation, and teams can observe and measure it manually. In this talk, we explain how we arrived at Reldex and how you can use it too.

Speaker Bio

Pratul is the founder of Tramline, an open source release coordination and DevOps platform just for mobile apps. He has built Android apps since 2010, and prior to Tramline, he was the CTO at a mobile-first agency for a decade. Apart from mobile engineering, he has also been a contributor to the Drupal project.