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An Android Time Capsule: Reexamining Developer Advice from the First droidcon


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09:15 > 45 min


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Fifteen years ago, we gathered as a developer community for the first droidcon conference in Berlin to talk about Android. A few of us even gave talks and shared advice and opinions about this new exciting new platform for mobile development. But… Was that advice any good?

Let’s take a trip down out-of-memory lane as Shane and Laurie revisit their first Android talk on development tips and tricks from droidcon Berlin 2009. Twenty nuggets of advice were given (in square slide format, no less). How much of it still holds up in modern Android development? You, the audience, will help us decide!

Get ready to laugh and reminisce about the evolution of Android development over the past 15 years, what has changed and what hasn’t, from the wild early years of Cupcake and Donut to the modern platform we develop on today. Recall the good, the bad, and the quirky of Android's journey, including physical keyboards, weird wearables and more. Come along as we wax nostalgic about that first device you enabled USB debugging for and celebrate how far we’ve come as a platform.

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