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Jetpack Compose is Swift (UI).


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In this talk we cover Jetpack Compose and Swift (UI)

We explore how even though Android and iOS started out so different, by driving to build the best mobile platform they produced surprising similarities.

1) Language:: Kotlin is Swift
The first section we see as Kotlin replaces Java and Swift replaces Objective-C both platforms gain much needed functionality. Then we explore how even though these two languages were developed in complete isolation, the fact that they draw on the same concepts produced very similar results. These are very evident when we review reactive programming using Kotlin Flow / Channels and Swift structured concurrency using the MVVM architecture.

2) Jetpack Compose is Swift (UI)
Next section we see as Compose replaces XML/Java and SwiftUI replaces Objective-C/UIKit both platforms are benefiting greatly.
We look at how both systems work with declarative syntax, modifiers, state management, navigation, animation and compare Android Studio / XCode development environments.

3) Design:: Material Design conforms to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
The last section, we delve into how Material Design follows the Apple HIG.

At the end of the talk, we will show that although today we have multiple cross-platform technologies (Flutter, React Native, etc) which allow us to build both mobile platforms with one code base, in the future Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile might solve this by using Compose and SwiftUI.

Speaker Bio

BioData Scientist @ TDI Biotech
Using machine learning to analyze biological data and craft statistically robust ML models with exceptional predictive precision/recall. Proficient in the role of a “Data Janitor”, excelling in the complex task of refining and harmonizing disordered and imbalanced datasets.

Mobile @ YLabZ
Versatile developer, designer, author, instructor, and sought-after public speaker. Passionate about advancing the mobile ecosystem on both Android & iOS, specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as biosensors, ML, and AR/VR (visionOS). Contributions have garnered recognition, including patents, the prestigious JavaOne Rock Star title, and the distinction of being a 3-time Amazon Code Ninja.

Designer @ Zoewear
“Technology Is the New Black” – Intersection of health, fashion and technology. Creating Physiological Intelligent Clothing (PIC) that keeps people healthy while looking great. Unveiling the untapped potential of AI/ML, biosensors, blockchain and 3D printing to revolutionize the fashion industry across design, manufacturing, merchandising, and distribution/retail/sales.

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Contact: developer [at] ylabz [dot] com

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