Tadeas Kriz

Senior Kotlin Developer at Touchlab

Talk Title

Meta-programming with K2 compiler plugins


Robinson 2-3




13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

Let's see what's possible with plugins using the new K2 compiler, FIR. This live demo session will go through possible use cases that reduce boilerplate code and make your code safer.

Learn what the new K2 compiler brings in practice. Augment your code and get rid of boilerplate!

Speaker Bio

Tadeas is a Senior Kotlin Developer at Touchlab, experimenting with Kotlin’s compiler plugins. Began as a PHP developer, moving to .NET desktop apps later on. Finally landing in mobile development with Android first and then falling in love with iOS. Fortunately, Kotlin Multiplatform happened, opening the path to doing both mobile platforms. Do NOT feed after midnight!