Tasha Ramesh

Android @ Tinder

Talk Title

Boosting Compose UI from Sluggish to Snappy


Robinson 1




10:20 > 40 min


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Join us on an enlightening quest as we unravel the realm of Compose UI performance. With a multitude of tools at our disposal, the challenge lies in knowing where to start and how to choose. Together, we'll diagnose and optimize a flawed app in real-time, providing you with practical insights and guidelines to navigate the world of Compose UI performance!

- Introducing the Janky App: Showcasing the flawed app and its evident performance issues.
- Performance Toolkit: Exploring diagnostic tools like Layout Inspector, Systrace, etc.
- Live Coding Demonstration: Real-time diagnosis and optimization of the janky app to improve its performance.
- Assessing Performance: Evaluating the app's performance before and after optimization.
- Building the Runbook & Discussing Performance Pitfalls: Creating a troubleshooting guide for common Compose UI performance bottlenecks, with strategies to avoid them.

By journey's end, you'll know where to start and what tools to start with to diagnose and fix common performance issues in your Compose UI!

Speaker Bio

She began her Android journey at Yahoo and Tumblr before swiping right on her current role at Tinder. On the job, she loves blending design with development while experimenting with the latest Android tech. When she isn’t testing swipes, she immerses herself in creative coding experiments across various platforms. In her spare time, she dabbles in music production and debates life’s mysteries with her cat, Spooky.