Tasha Ramesh

Android @ Tinder

Talk Title

Creative Coding with Compose: The Next Chapter


Robertson 1




10:20 > 40 min


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Creative coding bridges the worlds of art and technology, offering expressive and innovative opportunities for data visualization, art installations, interaction design, and even games. Jetpack Compose makes these possibilities even more accessible on Android!

Building upon a previous Droidcon New York talk, this revisits the core concepts of creative coding, focusing on generative and interactive art. We'll also venture into image processing techniques and discuss their implementation in Compose. With practical examples, we'll gain a deeper understanding of the creative coding landscape and acquire tools that can be applied to enhance UX or simply have fun exploring new artistic realms!

Speaker Bio

Currently, she works at Tinder, tinkering around to provide users with ways to enhance their profiles. She loves experimenting with new technologies in Android development, especially ones that shorten the distance between concept and creation.

In her spare time, she dabbles in music production, creative coding, and starting new side projects before finishing old ones.