Yohan Hartanto

Uber inc, Senior Staff Engineer

Talk Title

Better, Faster, and Stronger CI/CD Pipeline


Fisher West/DPE Track




13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

To build a high-quality app, you need a great CI pipeline to ensure all quality checks necessary are in place. Over time as your CI pipeline grows, it takes longer to complete all the builds and tests required and it creates an obstacle to engineers’ flow. In this talk, we will share our experience at Uber scaling our CI/CD pipeline to handle our Android monorepo serving tens of production apps sharing thousands of modules, and building thousands of changes daily. You will be introduced to different optimization and sharding techniques used to speed up CI time and allow engineers to receive timely responses. The talk will also equip you with various metrics/KPI that you can use to measure the health of your CI pipeline and the progress that you make. Utilize all the learnings to change the perspective of your engineers about CI from a speed bump that slows them down to a seat belt that helps them move fast and safely.

Speaker Bio

Yohan is a Senior Staff Engineer at Uber, his current role at Uber is to provide frameworks and infrastructure to build the highest quality Android apps.